Thursday, August 18, 2011

Time to start adding the goodies! Here are some  new sculptures which have found new homes in recent months. I will get to titles and dimensions sooner than later.  Stay tuned for "the story" of the studio.   Being one who spends every waking minute at the work table with nothing more than mud, water, an Ipad and Iphone, I will have to ease into the process of writing.  the mantra will be-
"slow and steady" each and every day. 

This is what I am looking for!

The ability to work from the thumb tips
Gotta get those pictures out on a server-
Anybody have easiest, favorite?
Well as one tech door closes another opens. Today the whimseepots website was taken down to make room for one new and improved. Fortunately as things are so busy in the studio theses days, the sculptures have taken over every minute of the day.
I'd like to welcome all old and new collectors. I am hoping that this new venue will be a great place for you to keep up with all of the new work, shows, and travels.
 I can still be reached by all of the usual means. More to come, now back to the mud- AA